User interface for the new file manager

Ondrej Mihalyi mihalyi at
Mon Mar 21 17:57:10 CET 2005

> > What about a commander like layout (two panes)? That is one view I'm 
> > really missing with ROX, xffm, and nautilus. This kind of layout really 
> > speeds up your work, in mc (e.g.) it is only one hit at F5 to copy a 
> > file or a whole bunch of selected files. With one pane, it is more 
> > laborious.
> Gnome Commander does this already, and I think Jens' Filer also supports it.

Of course they support it, but they are not the greatest file managers so far as far as I know :)

It would be really helpful, if it was possible to do everything (or much of "everything") by keyboard, however, I would add it only if it would not bloat the application.  The best option would be to design the application to have inner functions, that would be launched either by clicking on buttons/menus or by a keyboard shortcut.  Then it would be possible to do the keyboard workaround later, I myself would volunteer to write the code if the application code is highly readable and I have enough time.

I have my idea about F5 and such shortcuts: how about application knows about every open window, and after pressing F5 a copy dialog appears where user can choose the destination window form those open (the choice would be remembered for easy reuse), or direct destination path, or have an option to drag&drop files onto another window.

Not easy to implement, but we're talking about design here, am I right?  So it's not really important how it would be done, but that such things could be programmed later without changes to code and thus bloating the application.

To sumarize, my desired feature in "design" of GUI commander is ability to use "keyboard only" way to manage files, however, it doesn't have to be like in other managers, the best is the easy way.



P.S. Don't flame on me if you don't agree :) I have no time and like for that

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