User interface for the new file manager

"Christian V. J. Brüssow" cvjb at
Mon Mar 21 11:50:24 CET 2005


First I must say, that it's great to see the developers ask their 
(potential) users  for input :-)) And the new filer looks very good.

Benedikt Meurer schrieb:
>  From the 4 layouts shown on the summary page, only the first two are 
> considered important, because that seems to be the way users want to 
> interact with a file manager, where the second layout is probably used 
> mostly by advanced users or users that have used Windows Explorer or 
> Konqueror before. The first layout is based on the GtkFileChooser design 
> in Gtk 2.4 and above.

Will the location bar be visible, when the tree is disabled in the 
explorer like layout? So it would more look like the ROX layout, but 
with a location bar?

What about a commander like layout (two panes)? That is one view I'm 
really missing with ROX, xffm, and nautilus. This kind of layout really 
speeds up your work, in mc (e.g.) it is only one hit at F5 to copy a 
file or a whole bunch of selected files. With one pane, it is more 



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