User interface for the new file manager

Buck xfce at
Mon Mar 21 08:47:54 CET 2005


The new manager looks very nice, I particularly like the 'minimalist'
version that relies on keyboard input - 'back' for going back for
example, or navigating around with arrows, for some reason this never
works correctly in KDE, much slower than it ought to be, so I guess
the *speed* should be considered. If it takes long time to redraw
things or scroll or go back-forward, then there's little benefit in
having keyboard as the main controller. I personally like how Windows'
Explorer works - it's fast and it doesn't get in your way (never use
the tree view though). Anyways, it looks very promising, keep up the
fantastic work!

On an unrelated note, it's so releiving to see how
developers ask users for input, after all these articles on OSNews
that said devs never care!


> Hello everybody,

> As some of you might already know, work was started on an alternative
> file manager for Xfce 4.4.0, named Thunar. We have been discussing the
> user interface for Thunar during the last two/three weeks. The result of
> this discussion is available at (short summary, see the mailinglist 
> archives for details):

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