New Version of Xfce4PanelMenu released

Marc Schwartz MSchwartz at
Wed Mar 9 14:23:43 CET 2005


I noted a problem this morning.

It would appear that there is an issue when applications launched from
the menu are closed. This seems to result in <defunct> processes being
left in place.

I noted this by accident when needing to check on a process that I
needed to kill and noted 20 or 25 <defunct> processes listed by "ps -e".

The <defunct> processes are all apps that I launched from the panel menu.

This does not happen if I launch the same apps from the desktop menu.

If I kill or restart the xfce4-panel, the <defunct> processes are
cleared, so I am guessing that there is an issue with the parent process
that is launching apps from your panel menu.

If you need more information, let me know. I am running the version of
the panel from CVS after you last fixed the horizontal scroll bar in the
mount/unmount window.


Marc Schwartz

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