Bruce Miller mistercool at adelphia.net
Sun Mar 6 14:54:47 CET 2005

Olivier Fourdan wrote:
> Hi
> I may be missing your point completely, but you can move windows without
> raising them by simply using the right mouse button on the title bar...

Well, um, no, you didn't miss my point.  It's just that as I was experimenting
with the buttons, I learned Left Button, then I got to Middle button
and I had so much fun shading & unshading that I never quite got to the
right button....

Translation: "Doh!"
I just never thought to try that. I expected right to give a menu; which
it did, so I never explored further...

To go off on a second tangent: Have you thought about allowing the mouse
button bindings to be configurable? (or maybe they already are?).
They could fit into the Keyboard settings of xfwm4 by extending the
shortcut names to include mouse buttons as well as keyboard keys.
[and also serves as "documentation" :> ]

Thanks for your reply; that's just what I was looking for!!!

> Olivier.
> On Sun, 2005-03-06 at 08:25 -0500, Bruce Miller wrote:
>>Bob Hepple wrote:
>>>Dear all,
>>>I'm making the move from fvwm2 to xfce but there are just a couple of
>>>things that still make me homesick.
>>>eg. is there anything like fvwm2's Raise/Lower function in xfce?
>>>For example, in fvwm2 I can have an ALT-Button1 click raise a window to
>>>the top, or if already top, then lower it. This is just soooooo nice!!
>>>It seems that xfce can only raise, not the smarter "raise or lower if
>>>already top".
>>Clicking left on a window border raises it, and clicking middle[*] lowers;
>>it's not the `smart' toggle, but its easy to get used to.
>>[*] ... oh, and if your fingers are sloppy, you'll quickly discover
>>that the mouse wheel will shade/unshade, which I find to be a cool metaphor!
>>On a related note, probably my only peave with xfwm4 is that it raises windows
>>on button press, unconditionally -- ie. even if you're just moving the window.
>>I'd like to be able to move windows without changing the stacking order,
>>but a `simple' click _would_ raise the window.
>>The logic would be something like: putting the raise function on the button release
>>handler, instead of button press, but only raising if there wasn't a preceding
>>move operation.   Granted, the code is a bit messier, but the current behaviour
>>is messier for the user to try to get the windows stacked back where you want them.
>>Is something like this (optionally) possible? Or does it go against the
>>philosophy of xfwm?
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