Mousepad 0.2.n

Dennis J. Tuchler dennis.tuchler at
Thu Mar 3 22:51:01 CET 2005

On Thursday 03 March 2005 14:09, Erik Harrison wrote:

> > Despite my liking for mousepad 0.2.0, I find two irksome problems
> >
> > 1.  It won't close unless I save the contents.  I tried to close without
> > saving several times, and each time mousepad refused to close.
> Gah. Don't get this here. If I can't figure it out, when I get online
> I'll send you a "debug version" to help track this down.

It didn't happen on my home computer. This problem of not exiting may be an 
artifact of the particular installation, which is wierd because it is 
essentially the same I have at home.  OR, there is a spirit in the other 
machine that felt I really should have saved that stuff!

Both are Dell machines.  Both work with SuSE 9.2 and XFCE4.2.

I'll be gone for a couple of weeks.  So, don't hurry with the debug version.

> > 2.  It saves to ... who knows?  Sometimes, it acts as if it saves, but no
> > file with the name assigned exists in the place to which the file is
> > supposed to have been saved.
> Also not something I get here. Are you saving to an NFS mounted
> directory or anything funky like that? Linux, BSD, Solaris? What
> version?

Nothing fancy, nothing funky.  SuSE 9.2, ReiserFS for a file system, and one 
of the two machines (it happens on both, but not always ... a damned 
intermittence) has both Windows and Linux mounted.

> > best of luck

dj tuchler

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