Mousepad 0.2.n

Dennis J. Tuchler dennis.tuchler at
Thu Mar 3 20:51:33 CET 2005

Is mousepad under active development? Is it expected to be part of the XFCE 
offering?  If so, great.  I like its speed and its features (and lack of 
features, which I don't need).

Despite my liking for mousepad 0.2.0, I find two irksome problems

1.  It won't close unless I save the contents.  I tried to close without 
saving several times, and each time mousepad refused to close.

2.  It saves to ... who knows?  Sometimes, it acts as if it saves, but no file 
with the name assigned exists in the place to which the file is supposed to 
have been saved.

best of luck

dj tuchler

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