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Tue Mar 1 21:33:24 CET 2005


- The xfwm4 compositor options (basically the transparency when moving
or resizing windows) are documented in xfwm4's html documentation (see
hidden options)
- Same goes for the panel in the panel help pages, look at the
transparency section.
- The shadow radius is controlled using theme options as it depends on
the theme design.
- The embedded compositor does not allow for fades in/out though.


On Tue, 2005-03-01 at 03:03 -0600, Gain Paolo Mureddu wrote:
>     Hi all, new to the list here!! I tried searching the archives for 
> some information on this, but was unsuccessful (or am too dumb  [at 3:00 
> am] to search correctly). Anyway, I was shocked at seeing that XFCE4.2 
> has a built in compositor and that if you have available the Composite 
> and RENDER extensions in Xorg 6.8.x it actually uses it... I also read 
> (since I was very pleased and impressed with this) that it is possible 
> to control the amount of transparency of say the panel... I've been 
> unable to fine where you can manage this (for the past hour and a half). 
> Also, when I run composite in desktops like GNOME or KDE, I usually give 
> these other options to xcompmgr (besides -c, of course!):
> -C (to only make windows have drop shadows and NOT panels)
> -o (to control the opacity of the shadow)
> -r (to control the radius. I usually leave the shadows at ~10 px)
> -f (to have cool window/menu animation effects)
> -D (to actually lengthen the duration of the disolve/emerge effect from 
> 10 ms to 20 ms)
>     I was wondering if the built in compositor supports these other 
> options too, and if so, how could I feed these options to it at XFCE 
> startup?
> Thanks... And XFCE devs, you've made a GREAT job!!
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