Compositor options.

Gain Paolo Mureddu thetargos at
Tue Mar 1 10:03:58 CET 2005

    Hi all, new to the list here!! I tried searching the archives for 
some information on this, but was unsuccessful (or am too dumb  [at 3:00 
am] to search correctly). Anyway, I was shocked at seeing that XFCE4.2 
has a built in compositor and that if you have available the Composite 
and RENDER extensions in Xorg 6.8.x it actually uses it... I also read 
(since I was very pleased and impressed with this) that it is possible 
to control the amount of transparency of say the panel... I've been 
unable to fine where you can manage this (for the past hour and a half). 
Also, when I run composite in desktops like GNOME or KDE, I usually give 
these other options to xcompmgr (besides -c, of course!):
-C (to only make windows have drop shadows and NOT panels)
-o (to control the opacity of the shadow)
-r (to control the radius. I usually leave the shadows at ~10 px)
-f (to have cool window/menu animation effects)
-D (to actually lengthen the duration of the disolve/emerge effect from 
10 ms to 20 ms)

    I was wondering if the built in compositor supports these other 
options too, and if so, how could I feed these options to it at XFCE 

Thanks... And XFCE devs, you've made a GREAT job!!

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