firefox tab support in Terminal-0.2.4

Matt Thompson thompsma at
Fri Jun 24 03:37:36 CEST 2005

Qiangning Hong wrote:
> xfce terminal 0.2.4 can directly open an URL displayed in console window
> using preset web browser, inclding mozilla firefox.  However, each time
> I open an URL, a seperate firefox window is launched.  Can the URL be
> loaded just in a new tab if a firefox window is already running?

You can do this via a script.  Make an executable script in 
/usr/local/bin or ~/bin called moznewtab:

/usr/bin/firefox -remote "openURL($@, new-tab)" || exec /usr/bin/firefox 

(those last "two" lines are all one if the wrapping get it).

Then, to use this, simply refer all calls that used to go to firefox to 
moznewtab (like "moznewtab %s").  I'm on a WinXP box right now, so I 
can't really recall, but I think you do this in Terminal itself.  For 
Evolution or the like, you need to redefine the http/https handlers.

Hope this works,
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