Xfmedia and .srt subtitles

Gerald Barre g.barre at free.fr
Sat Jun 18 11:42:10 CEST 2005

Hi all,

I try to watch a video with external .srt subtitles, it works with xine
and gxine, but with xfmedia I noticed this:

load_plugins: probing demux 'sputext'
subrip subtitle format detected
Detected subtitle file format: 1
Read 640 subtitles
subtitle format uses time.
read 640 subtitles, 0 errors.
xine: found demuxer plugin: sputext demuxer plugin
video discontinuity #1, type is 0, disc_off 0
vpts adjusted with prebuffer to 96873
subtitle mrl opened 'Bride_with_white_hair2.srt'

and before decoding, this warning:

info_helper: can't find out current locale character set
info_helper: can't find out current locale character set

The decoding works:

load_plugins: plugin sputext will be used for spu streamtype 01.

libsputext: decoder data [Lien Ni Chang went on a killing rampage]
libsputext: mode 1 timing 33160->36490

Could someone tell me what's the current locale character set missing or
which variable I have to set, I suppose that's why Xfmedia can't display
external subtitles.
I launched it with the command xfmedia foo.avi#subtitle:bar.srt 

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