Restarting XFCE desktop after a Gnome app changes it

Stefan Stuhr xfceuserslist at
Fri Jun 17 13:48:27 CEST 2005

fre, 17 06 2005 kl. 12:49 +0200, skrev John Shane:
> How do I restart the xfce desktop after a Gnome application has taken
> over?  
> I've been poking around looking at some Gnome apps and discover
> that sometimes they reset the desktop.  The only way I've been able to get
> the xfce desktop back is to quit xfce and log back in.  I tried to run
> xfdesktop (with and without &) from a terminal but it doesn't persist.  As
> soon as I close the terminal the Gnome desktop comes back.  I also tried
> "xfdesktop -reload" but again, as soon as I close the terminal the Gnome
> desktop reaserts itself.
> My apologies if the answer is in the manual.  I read the section on the
> desktop manager again and that's where I got the -reload idea.  Thanks for
> your help.  John

xfdesktop & disown
in the terminal.

And run Nautilus with --no-desktop as parameter, then it doesn't take
over the desktop.


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