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Mon Jun 13 22:57:00 CEST 2005

Hi, i dont know if i can post this on this place so.. sorry if i cant.

Well.. i download de new version of the installer from os-cillation<>on my mandrake
9.2 with kde v 3.1.1 , all installation was good but how i launh xfce? i 
know i read the documentation.

Setting up KDM 

If you use the KDE Display Manager (*kdm*) to log in to your X desktop, and 
you did not select the option *Setup Display Managers* during the 
installation or if for some reason the installer was unable to setup
*kdm*properly, then you will have to manually create a
.desktop to teach *kdm* about your new Xfce
<>installation. First, you need to locate the directory
*kdm* searches for its .desktop files. The commands 

kde-config locate kde.desktop
locate mwm.desktop
echo `kde-config --expandvars --install data`/kdm/sessions

 may help you to find locate directory. Common locations are 
/usr/share/apps/kdm/sessions or /usr/local/share/apps/kdm/sessions. Once you 
found the *kdm* sessions directory, you need to create a new file 
xfce42.desktop in this directory, with the following content: 

*Example 1. An example xfce42.desktop file*

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Xfce 4.2
Comment=The Xfce 4.2 Desktop Environment
Comment[de]=Die Xfce 4.2 Desktop Umgebung

Well.. i find the directory on usr/share/apps/kdm/Sessions , but.. i add 
xfce42.desktop on this directory but.. nothing happens, i dont know what to 
do please help.
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