rotating the screen

Edscott Wilson Garcia edscott at
Mon Jun 13 05:03:39 CEST 2005

Recently nvidia updated their linux driver so that you can rotate your
screen with "xrandr -o right". This feature is especially nice for those
lcd screens you can rotate and place in portrait position and thus see a
page of text like a "page of text". This is already posible in the open
source "nv" driver, but much slower.

The problem with the "nvidia" driver is that once you start X, xfwm4,
xfce4-panel, xfdesktop4 don't work quite right. Xfwm4, for example, will
maximize window to 768x768 instead of 768x1024. Xfce4-panel will use a
width of 1024 (placing part of it off screen). 

Killing and restarting applications does not seem to help. Does anyone
know of how to use the nvidia driver instead of the nv driver with a
rotated screen under xfce4? Or maybe the rotate feature is just too
buggy in nvidia driver?

TIA for any suggestions or pointers.

Edscott Wilson Garcia <edscott at>

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