Change mouse cursor theme in Xfce?

Pasi Orovuo pasi.ov at
Wed Jun 8 06:45:27 CEST 2005


Instead of repeating the question in the subject, I'm trying to provide
an answer. The solution is a bit hackish, but seems to work. So, point
your browser to:

Unfortunately, the installation of the plugin is far from trivial, as it
doesn't have proper configure and installation scripts. That's because I
have no previous experience on Autotools, but I'll try to figure 'em out
as soon as time permits. And I might as well try to write a tutorial
about the subject, as was asked in irc...

For the plugin installation, just type `make` and hope for the best. If
all goes well, you should have a .so file in the folder. Just copy the
.so in your mcs-plugins folder (mostly /usr/lib/xfce4/mcs-plugins/) and
logout/login). After that you should have "Cursor Theme" in Settings


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