How to specify workspace when starting a program?

Kristoffer kfs1 at
Mon Jun 6 18:44:51 CEST 2005

On Mon, 06 Jun 2005 10:05:56 +0200, Chris Green <chris at> wrote:

> Thanks for the various ideas everyone.
> I *still* think it should simply be a standard "X window manager"
> option on the application's command line in the same way as the
> -geometry options are standardised.
> I am trying devilspie at the moment, it's OK but there is one drastic
> disadvantage which had me very confused for a while.  If you set the
> geometry and window position using devilspie it (of course) sets the
> same geometry and window position for multiple windows of the same
> application.  This makes it somewhat useless for Firefox for example
> as every new browser window and/or pop up window is the same size and
> in the same place.  Thus I have turned off the window sizing and
> positioning for firefox.
> Devilspie is otherwise OK but I find it a bit distracting that
> applications start up in the current window and then get whisked off
> to the one you've set in devilspie.

wmctrl doesn't work for this? it's not a sassy question, im seriously
wondering :)

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