How to specify workspace when starting a program?

Chris Green chris at
Mon Jun 6 10:05:56 CEST 2005

Thanks for the various ideas everyone.

I *still* think it should simply be a standard "X window manager"
option on the application's command line in the same way as the
-geometry options are standardised.

I am trying devilspie at the moment, it's OK but there is one drastic
disadvantage which had me very confused for a while.  If you set the
geometry and window position using devilspie it (of course) sets the
same geometry and window position for multiple windows of the same
application.  This makes it somewhat useless for Firefox for example
as every new browser window and/or pop up window is the same size and
in the same place.  Thus I have turned off the window sizing and
positioning for firefox.

Devilspie is otherwise OK but I find it a bit distracting that
applications start up in the current window and then get whisked off
to the one you've set in devilspie.

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