Xfce4 and KDE trash

Eddy provisoire.mai2005 at belgacom.net
Mon Jun 6 00:54:53 CEST 2005

Eddy a écrit le 06/06/05 00:37 :

> Suppose I have two files - called "thisfile" and "thatfile" - in two 
> directories - called "thisdir" and "thatdir" respectively.
> If I use Xffm to throw these files away, they are moved to 
> thisdir/..Wastebasket/thisfile and thatdir/..Wastebasket/thatfile 
> respectively.
> When I go to the main trashcan in Xffm, I can't see these files unless I 
> have collected the trashcans (which can be done automatically). Once 
> collected, I'll be able to see them from the main trashcan (even though 
> they'll still be in their respective ..Wastebasket) and I will be able 
> to delete them permanently from that main trashcan.
> Now suppose I have another file in my KDE trashcan : let's call it
> ~/Desktop/Corbeille/thatotherfile (my kde speaks French). It has not 
> been put there by Xffm but by KDE itself or by whatever script I've made.
> I'd like to be able to go to the Xffm main trash, collect the 
> wastebaskets and see that thatotherfile appear listed in the main trash 
> so that the main trash would list thisfile, thatfile and thatotherfile.
> Unfortunately it does not : as far as Xffm is concerned, 
> ~/Desktop/Corbeille is just any ordinary directory and its content is 
> not listed in the main trashcan database.
> I would like to be able to tell Xffm that a certain directory (in this 
> case ~/Desktop/Corbeille/) is not an ordinary directory but one the 
> content of which is to be included in the trashcan database.
> Isn't that possible ? Well I wish it would be. Anyway that's what I 
> understood when I read
>  > What the documentation refers to is that the KDE trash bin (which is
>  > just a single folder can also be viewed from the main trash branch as
>  > just another wastebasket. So you can see and recover whatever you have
>  > deleted with konqueror from within xffm.
> Muchas gracias para su respuesta.
> PS
> I use XFCE 4 from the Debian testing (Sarge) repository.

I have just created the ~/Desktop/Trash directory and put a file in it.
When I collected trashcans that file was collected as well.
The problem seems to be a language one : my KDE trash is called 
Corbeille instead of Trash and it's not my fault but KDE's; it's been 
like that ever since I started using KDE years ago.
Now I know how to change that in KDE but wouldn't it be great if it 
could be done the other way round, if Xffm could be told that whatever 
directory one chose is to be considered a wastebasket ?

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