XFce 4.2.2

Stephen Kúhn stephen.kuhn at optusnet.com.au
Wed Jun 1 22:47:08 CEST 2005

Congrats Olivier and Team!

Once again, I am floored.

I don't have a clue as to what y'all did to this particular release of
my fave WM, but for whatever reason, it's faster than it ever was before
on this machine (AMD XP2000 w/892mb RAM, NVidia 64mb grapics card, MDK
10.0 OE running XFree) whereas with 4.2.0 there were a few lags here and
there (not that I couldn't live with those).

So I'm blown away once again.

Y'all are doing a fantastic job and I thank you greatly for making my
working life so much more pleasurable.

YankDownUnder aka stephen kuhn
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