panel plugin praise

Gavin Chester gavin.chester at
Sat Jul 30 06:01:18 CEST 2005

I have been running Xfce4 on my FC3 system for about 9mths now.  Great
work, guys.  As with most users, I slowly customised the desktop to suit
my preferences, including tinkering with most of the panel plugins a
bit.  However, I didn't seriously get stuck into them until very
recently and didn't realise the bonus I was missing by not using one in
particular: clipboard manager.  Thank you, Eduard Roccatello :-)

My enthusiasm is especially high because it solved the _major_
irritation I had with my use of evolution email client: evo doesn't
integrate with the clipboard very well, to the point that saw me looking
for solutions on the evo mail list.  In evo, if you copy a selection of
text and then close the mail from which the selection came, the
clipboard is purged.  Others said the same happened with other WM, not
just Xfce.  But, then I tried clipman-plugin and my problem was solved.
I guess it does what Klipper does on kde, but nice to have it on Xfce4
as well :-).  

Other plugins I used are great, too - but clipman was a sanity saver :-)


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