(lite) distro using xfce as main/defualt gui

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at unix-ag.uni-siegen.de
Thu Jul 21 18:20:12 CEST 2005

Myles Green wrote:
>>>To the best of my knowledge, there are none. However there is a live-cd
>>>system, SLAX, that does have a version (Popcorn) that is xfce4 based and
>>>AFAIK (as far as i know) can be installed to hard-drive. 
>>There is another knoppix-based live CD called XFLD 
>>(http://www.xfld.org/Xfld/en/index.html). XFCE4 is its default desktop 
>>environment and the live CD can be installed on a hard disk.
> Yes, you are quite right! I had totally forgotten about that one, mostly
> because developement of it seems to have stopped at version 0.2 (I
> think...). Benedict can you confirm this?

Depends on how you define 'dead'. I discussed this with jdub some time 
ago and the idea was to import the Xfld packages into Ubuntu (which was 
done for hoary), and then release a Xubu distribution ala Kubuntu based 
on the packages and the Ubuntu core. Maybe there'll also be another Xfld 
release, but that'll be based on Xubu then. Anyways, new Xfld releases 
will only happen for major Xfce releases, as minor releases are only 
bugfix releases.

> Thanks,
> Myles


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