Xfce ML FAQ - v0.1

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at xfce.org
Thu Jul 21 13:26:44 CEST 2005

On Thu, Jul 21, 2005 at 12:01:49PM +0200, Auke Kok wrote:
> Hi everyone,

Hey, first of all, you rule!

> If you wish to discuss development issues and bugs, please refer to the
> development mailing list "xfce4-dev at xfce.org". There is an obsolete list
> called "xfce-dev" as well but since all of the development is done on
> xfce version 4 this list is not used.

Can we lock xfce-dev or something?

> Specific lists also exist for translations (xfce-i18n at xfce.org),
> announcements from the Xfce team (xfce-announce at xfce.org), commits and
> autogenerated messages (xfce4-commits at xfce.org, xfce-bugs at xfce.org).
> Other related projects also sometimes have mailinglists, some of them
> are not hosted on foo-projects.org:
> xfc:          xfc-dev at xfce.org
> xfce goodies: ???

xfce-goodies-dev at lists.berlios.de


> o Which Xfce user/project groups exist?
> + The Xfce team - This is the main Xfce development group that develops
> the Xfce Desktop Environment. This group provides the core items of the
> Xfce desktop such as session manager, window manager, panel, Xfce
> libraries and such. This team also takes care of some Xfce applications
> such as Xfmedia, Orage, Xffm, thunar etc. -> http://xfce.org/

Q. What's Orage? A. New name for Xfcalendar (no releases yet -- 2005-7-21)

> + The Xfce Goodies group - This group is closely related but not
> controlled or steered by the Xfce team. Any 3rd-party Xfce application
> is considered an automatic member of the goodies team. The team shares a
> webspace on Berlios. -> http://xfce-goodies.berlios.de/

And everyone is welcome to join and host their xfce-related projects there.

> If you follow these rules everyone will be happy to help you!

Don't be afraid to ask a question though, that's what the mailing list is for

Thanks for doing this,


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