Shutdown is too easy

Arnaud yoda_81fr at
Wed Jul 20 15:31:23 CEST 2005

It's like you at home and I don't understand why and how to solve this
Could you explain the right method.

I use XFCE with a debian linux

Thanks a lot

Best regards

Le 20/7/2005, "brettholcomb" <brettholcomb at> a écrit:

>How do you have it set up.  It wasn't an option on mine unless I set the users up in the sudoers file.  Until then there was no way I could shutdown from xfce - all I could do as a user was exit.
>> From: "David A. De Graaf" <dad at>
>> Date: 2005/07/19 Tue PM 11:33:08 EDT
>> To: xfce at
>> Subject: Shutdown is too easy
>> The 'exit' popup window offers three choices:
>>   - Quit current session
>>   - Reboot the computer
>>   - Turn off the computer
>> The convenience of single clicking to shut down the computer is vastly
>> exceeded by the danger.  I would like to delete or disable this
>> third option.  Such an irreversible action should take more effort.
>> In preparation for a trip, I was experimenting with running a VNC
>> connection from a laptop over an SSH tunnel to my main home computer.
>> (XFCE works great in this configuration!)  However, I accidentally clicked
>> "Turn off the computer".  Luckily I was sitting at home and could push
>> the power button to turn it back on, but the thought of doing this while
>> away from home is too scary to think about.
>> Is there a way to remove this dangerous option?
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