Feature idea, would it be something

Stephan Hässelbarth videns at freenet.de
Tue Jul 19 02:16:01 CEST 2005

roger wrote:
> More generally, what would the best practice be for automatically executing a 
> script (where I could put whatever I want) at startup when using the session 
> manager (the xinitrc is irrelevant I guess). I'm sure there is some 
> documentation out there on this topic, just give me a pointer.

Contents of the folder ~/Desktop/Autostart will be executed on XFCE4 startup. Normally, it is 
sufficient to make some links pointing to the executables. In my case, I have korgac, torsmo, 
lineakd, skippy, devilspie and iconbox in there.
IIRC, you can even place a shell script there, if you need a more ambivalent handling.

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