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roger rstmp at
Mon Jul 18 23:21:52 CEST 2005


Harold, I fully agree with you. That would be nice to have, optionally, a 
bit-more-clever focus: by default, give the focus to newly created windows 
but prevent absurd situations such as the one you mentioned where a password 
ends up showing up in a terminal.
I'm not sure how difficult that would be to implement, though.


On Mon, 18 Jul 2005 19:37, Harold wrote:
> Is it possible to set a more 'Windows'-like focus model in XFCE4?
> For example: When launching a program wich takes some time to open, I
> launch a terminal and try to su to root. While typing the root password,
> the previously, slow opening program opens and steals focus and gets the
> password as input...
> In Microsoft's implementation of an OS, a new process is timestamped at
> execution or when manually selected so if you create multiple new
> processes, the one with the latest timestamp will remain focussed...
> Harold.
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