Feature idea, would it be something

Johan aequitas at planet.nl
Mon Jul 18 17:55:59 CEST 2005

>I'm with you man about the ion type taskbar system. Especially since you 
>could just have them floating, and stack them as you wish,
>Maybe I'm just insanse, but almost every day I move the taskbar from top 
>to bottom, as my desire for change decides.
>any plans for this?
I don't switch the taskbar as often as you. But i am thinking of 
removing it completely.

A lot of WM's have also got a feature like tabbed windows. But i find it 
not very usefull in the way of automatisch.
I don't hate tabs. But i don't use them to often because i don't have to 
arrange my desktop. Thats the WM's job.
Thats why i would like it just when the window if fullscreen (or nearly 
fullscreen or even when the titelbar is at the highest point)

Also as a start it would be nice to have a screenshot based, complete 
list als tab switching feature. Like in windows xp when you install the 
taskswitch extension.

Another thing that comes in my mind right now is that if i have a full 
screen window i don't see the desktop so i can't click my right mouse 
button menu.
It would be nice to have hot-cornes in which you can click to enable 
certain features. This could also be hot-borders because corners mostly 
result in desktop switching.

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