What is the build order of Xfce 4.2.2 from source?

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Tue Jul 12 22:51:02 CEST 2005

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Er, is this email supposed to be readable?


Brett wrote:
> --- "Brian J. TarrTarriconejt2bjtorncornell>eduote:
>>I think your pangpango/or fontfontconfigup is just b0rkedrked 
>>First check fontfontconfigetc/fonts/fonts.confconfthe confconfige.
>>There should be a bunch of <dir>dirir>direms near the top that point to
>>font directories (or parents of font directories, e.g., /usr/usrre/fonts
>>will also include /usr/usrre/fonts/foobar/).  If stuff is missing, do
>>NOT edit this file.  Edit /etc/fonts/local.confconf 
>>Then check pangpangoook in /etc/pangpangoYou should have pangpangoules
>>and pangpangoxases.  The former can be generated with
>>pangpangorquerymodulesough if this file is missing, I'd imagine
> pangpangoshould still work properly for latilatinrcharsetsleast.  I'm not
> sure
>>how to generate pangpangoxases, but this file looks like it might be
>>Do other gtk2gtksed applications run?  Try using twm twmanother WM.
>>	-briabrianOK I finally got XfceXfceand running. There defidefinitely
> something wrong with pangpangofontfontconfigeefreetype friends. I am not
> really sure which was at fault. My best guess is that the Xft Xftkbackend
> not get built with PangPangoebecause-confconfign't know the correct path
> to locate it before the build. Because pangpangoks like it will still
> build without it. The other possibility may have been that TrueTrueTypets
> are not enabled in the freefreetyperce by default because of patent crap
> which I made sure I did the second time around.
>  I basically just recompiled everything all over again to satisfy all the
> GTK2GTKpendencies. Here's a partial list in order of install for anyone
> having the same problems. freefreetypentfontconfignder (was renamed to
> rendrenderextch made it harder to find the latest version),
> xrenxrendernamed to libXlibXrenderlatest versions) xft xftnamed to
> libXlibXfttk atkgpangoen the latest gtk+gtk
> I went through all this trouble because I don't like the newer
> bloabloatedsions of Gnome and KDE KDE really want an alternative. Looks
> good do far.
> Brett
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