Adding icons on XFCE desktop

Sami Samhuri sami at
Sat Apr 30 10:31:04 CEST 2005

* On Sat Apr-30-2005 at 12:13:59 PM +0800, narendras at said:
> Now i want to add icons on desktop , i tried a lot but all in vain .
> So please any suggestion in this regard .
> thanx in advance

This is not possible with xfdesktop in Xfce 4.2. It is planned for Xfce
4.4 which has no release date set right now. It is said that it will be
released when it is ready (a good time IMO).

You are free to use any other desktop in place of xfdesktop. Rox seems
to be popular with Xfce users; however, many desktops provide desktop
icons. Simply run 'killall xfdesktop' and then run the desktop of your
choice. If you use a session manager then your choice should persist
through future logins. Otherwise you should edit your .xinitrc

Hope this helps,

Sami Samhuri
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