xinerama and changing desktops independently

Don Christensen djc at
Tue Apr 26 21:52:18 CEST 2005

Kamil Trojan wrote:
> Hi,
> i'm using xfce 4.2.1 with xinerama support. I'm just wondering if 
> it is possible to change desktops independently? i.e. when I change
> desktop on first monitor I wouldn't like to
> have desktop changed on the other monitor. 
> Currently when I change desktop on the first monitor the second monitor
> is changing desktop as well.
> Is it possible to tune this behavior?
> or maybe is it a xinerama issue and not connected with xfce?

This is how Xinerama works.  It creates a single virtual screen that
is displayed across multiple physical displays.  You can turn off
Xinerama and still support multiple displays, with each being
independent.  You can have different numbers of workspaces on each
display, different panels, etc.  They end up being referred to as
hostname:0.0, hostname:0.1, etc.

It might be as simple as turning off the Xinerama in your X config
file, but I haven't messed with Xinerama for quite a long time.


> and one more question or rather a feature request. Is it possible to
> show the name (or number) of the desktop you've just changed for? like
> a small number/name in e.g. right top corner (osd-like ?) or similar
> stuff. It would be quite useful.
> Kamil

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