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Kristy Christie kristy at
Mon Apr 18 03:43:27 CEST 2005

>Firefox and Thunderbird are broken with regard to session management:
>IIRC they report an incorrect binary name (e.g. firefox-bin instead of
Yes, I found the firefox-bin under /usr/lib/MozillaFirefox/firefox-bin
and symlinked to
it under my Autostart directory.

>I'd suggest *not* messing with the xfce4-session.rc file, and using symlinks
>or scripts in ~/Desktop/Autostart to start them up.  
The problem was that if I just symlinked to firefox & thunderbird,
everything opens on
the same virtual desktop.. and the reason why I loved XFCE's session
was precisely because it could open apps on the different desktops as
specified :)

>I believe if the session manager finds client startup data in the main config file, it
>won't look in the actual session files (in ~/.cache/sessions/), so the
>session manager is essentially broken in that configuration.  I could be
>wrong about that though.  This is probably the reason that Gaim doesn't
>start without what you say below.
I understand.. but the session manager already seemed broken when it
wouldn't save
the session (i.e. it didn't open opera on startup even though I kept it
open and logout whilst
saving the session) so, for now, I'll be "forced" to use this little
"hack" until I find out what actually
happened with the whole session-management thing :)

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