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Mon Apr 4 15:20:06 CEST 2005

Well, by the way all it took to get CUPS support to be compiled and
installed was
a. trick the configure script to continue if it didn't find its
ppdfindattr, whatever it is (change "if yes" to "if no" basically)
b. it will complain it doesn't find other stuff afterwards, which
happens to be CUPS headers, and this is magically fixed by copying
CUPS headers from /usr/local/include/cups to /usr/include/cups. I have
no idea why it wouldn't look in /usr/local/include/cups, guess it's
the port maintainer's fault? But it happens on two different machines
so it really isn't a problem on my end.

That was the voodoo I was talking about.

And by the way, even though CUPS gets compiled and installed with
xfprint then, it wouldn't work anyway and will coredump every time I
would select 'CUPS' module in xfprint.

I thought later I was doing something wrong and used the binary
installer from oscillation which, like, totally messed EVERYTHING up,
including Xorg installation!! Silly me. Needless to say, CUPS isn't
working even after reinstalling Xorg and fixing the XFCE installation
which was half-borked after performing the binary install.

In the end, since I mainly use AbiWord and Gnumeric there I just
used CUPS's lpr utility to print and it works quite fine, except
there's no way to specify Colour/BW or Quality Mode at the printing
prompt. But oh well. I can help you debug it or test it if it's


> Apparently you're no the only one to have this problem, i crawled
> and i found another similar problem. I'll find a way to
> fix it.

> Le mardi 29 mars 2005 à 11:01 +0400, Buck a écrit :
>> Hello,
>> it's about time I asked my question here.
>> The problem I'm having is with xfce printing subsystem, in FreeBSD
>> 5.3-RELEASE. I'm compiling from ports, and during the configure stage
>> I get this:
>> checking for ppdFindAttr in -lcups... no
>> It doesn't matter whether I explicitly tell configure to enable CUPS
>> support or not, naturally.
>> The question, since most of you aren't familiar with FreeBSD, is where
>> to look to help configure find ppdFindAttr. I tried digging through
>> the script, but it's just too overwhelming. Or does ppdFindAttr==no
>> means that it finds CUPS libraries but they're somehow 'wrong'?
>> Any help is greatly appreciated - I can't print from XFCE.
>> Buck
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