confused with "system" menu

Qiangning Hong hongqn at
Mon Apr 4 15:04:41 CEST 2005

I am confused with the "system" desktop menu and the appfinder.

I installed openoffice in my gentoo box.  I can find the entries such
as "OpenOffice Writer" in appfinder, but those entries don't show in
the desktop menu's auto-generated "system" submenu.  How does the
"system" menu judge what entries to be shown?

The following is the content of writer.desktop found in my
/usr/share/applications directory:

[Desktop Entry]
MimeType=application/vnd.sun.xml.writer;application/vnd.sun.xml.writer.template;application/;application/vnd.stardivision.writer;application/msword;application/;application/x-doc;text/rtf 1.1.4 Writer 1.1.4 Text Document
Comment[en] 1.1.4 Text Document
Comment[de] 1.1.4 Textdokument
Comment[pt] 1.1.4 Textdokument
Comment[ru] 1.1.4 Текстовый документ
Comment[nl] 1.1.4 Tekstdocument
Comment[fr] 1.1.4 Texte
Comment[es]=Documento de texto 1.1.4
Comment[fi] 1.1.4 Textdokument
Comment[hu] 1.1.4-szövegesdokumentum
Comment[it] 1.1.4 Documento di testo
Comment[cs]=Textový dokument 1.1.4
Comment[sk]=Textový dokument 1.1.4
Comment[da] 1.1.4-tekstdokument
Comment[sv] 1.1.4-textdokument
Comment[pl] 1.1.4 Dokument tekstowy
Comment[pt_BR]=Documento texto 1.1.4
Comment[ja] 1.1.4 文書ドキュメント
Comment[ko] 1.1.4 텍스트 문서
Comment[zh_CN] 1.1.4 文本文档
Comment[zh_TW] 1.1.4 文字文件
Comment[tr]=PRODUCTNAME Metin belgesi
Comment[ar] 1.1.4 مستند نص
Comment[he] 1.1.4 Textdokument
Comment[ca] 1.1.4 Document de text
Comment[th] 1.1.4 เอกสารข้อความ
Comment[hi_IN] 1.1.4 Textdokument
Comment[et] 1.1.4-i tekstidokument
Comment[sl]=Dokument z besedilom programa 1.1.4
Comment[cy]=Dogfen Testun 1.1.4
Comment[ns] 1.1.4 Tokumente ya Sengwalwa
Comment[af] 1.1.4-teksdokument
Comment[zu]=Ushicilelo Lombhalo 1.1.4
Comment[nb] 1.1.4 Text Document
Comment[tn] 1.1.4 Kago Setlankana
Comment[nn] 1.1.4 Text Document
Comment[eu] 1.1.4 testu-dokumentua
Comment[lt]=„ 1.1.4" tekstinis dokumentas
Comment[kn_IN] 1.1.4  ಪಠ್ಯ ದಸ್ತಾವೇಜು
Comment[gl] 1.1.4 Text Document

Qiangning Hong
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