A little suggestion about xfwm window borders

Alpay Erturkmen kalpaye at ii.metu.edu.tr
Fri May 28 12:25:19 CEST 2004

Ylosar Goer wrote:
> Ondrej Mihalyi wrote:
>> is it possible to add an option to set width of window borders to 0, 
>> and place this option in window manager or user interface cathegory of 
>> XFCE Settings Manager?
> I anderstand that the following may not be an option for you, but 
> independantly of xfwm settings, you can modify your favorite theme and 
> adjust its borders using transparency (or maybe just suppress relevant 
> pixmap files, but i'm not sure of what could happen if you do this).
> That's what i did and i like very much the resulting no 3D effect, ultra 
> thin borders and "not-full-width" title bar theme :)
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Dear ylosar,
could you please send us a screenshot of your desktop? i am very 
interested in sleek and light desktops...
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