XFCE memory usage: a simpler test

Alexandre Aractingi aaractingi at libertysurf.fr
Wed May 26 10:45:47 CEST 2004

Le mer 26/05/2004 à 08:17, Alpay Erturkmen a écrit :
> but with guys like me, who has a p2 with 128Mb of RAM, you have to 
> choose every application you use very carefully.

I'm a "guy like you" :-) -> My laptop only has 128M and a PII (400Mhz).
I have a full KDE install, and all I can say for now (I don't feel like
closing XFCE to go into KDE right now) is that the few times I've
launched KDE it took over 1.5 minute to start, when XFCE barely takes a
few seconds (10 at most).

> This is why i prefer xfce over them. it is fast and furious. however i 
> do not like xffm in this sense, so i combine rox with xfce. I tried to 
> use nautilus but it is slooooowww...

xfce + rox-filer is my choice too!

Alexandre Aractingi <aaractingi at libertysurf.fr>

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