Problem with FC1-Xfce4-RPM-Packages

Andy Choens dru at
Wed May 26 17:30:28 CEST 2004

If you try to install the FC1 XFCE packages on a FC2 box, it will
probably cause you lots of grief.  I never saw any packages for FC1
beyond 4.0.3, which has issues with GTK 2.4.

If you have FC2 and want to use XFCE (which of course you do) use the
rpms on the 4th FC2 CD.  They work great!  They are XFCE 4.0.5, which I
believe is still the newest stable release.

On Wed, 2004-05-26 at 09:41, exs wrote:
> Iam not sure whether the following is a Failure by myself or a
> RPM-Failure. When I install Xfce4-RPM-Packages for FC1 at FC2, i get
> "wrong" or failure Button-Designing. Maybe the Failure is admits. When i
> installed the Xfce4-RPM-Packages for FC1 at FC1 i didnt get the
> Designing failure. Its not critical, but in my case enough to change the
> desktop environment at icewm.
> I hope you understood what I said.
> exs
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