exit system button question

Olivier fourdan at xfce.org
Mon May 24 21:44:21 CEST 2004

xfce4-session is not part of any release, it was not part of xfce 4.0.5
either. Some distro ship a version from CVS, I wouldn't recommend that. 


On Mon, 2004-05-24 at 17:58, James wrote:
> So, can someone explain what is really going on then?
> Am I not able to have the dialog box present itself
> when I click on the "quit/exit" button? Previous to
> upgrading the distro, I was running 4.0.5 and the
> dialog box was present, and after upgrading the distro
> with 4.0.5 the dialog box is not. 
> What file is modified when you have the dialog box
> present and you click the check box?(can not recall
> the exact terminology of the check box), but I believe
> that it was asking to not be prompted again? 
> Or am I simply not to have this dialog anymore?
> James
> --- Olivier <fourdan at xfce.org> wrote:
> > Yes, for good reasons, xfce4-session has never been
> > released.
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