xfce-mcs-manage memory leak?

Miro Hodak hodak at nemo.physics.ncsu.edu
Mon May 24 12:25:57 CEST 2004

Guys, I have noticed that xfce-mcs-manage uses a lot of memory when
browsing svg desktop background images. I have eight svg images (Lila
theme) and generating preview for each one of those increases
xfce-mcs-manage memory use from essentially zero to 25% on my system with
512Mb memory. If I cycle over background images several times,
xfce-mcs-manage will use almost 100% memory and my system becomes sluggish
due to swapping. The only way to free memory is to kill the process or
exit xfce itself. Previewing background images in other formats does not
does not lead to this problem.

This is with xfce 4.0.5 on Gentoo.
Can anybody else reproduce this?


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