Open Office seg fault problem

Anthony Ewell aewell at
Sat May 22 03:03:59 CEST 2004

Hi All,

     I am trying to get Open Office 1.1.1 installed on a
Red Hat 9 server running XFce 4.0.3.

     First, an editorial comment:  :-)

     Okay, now that that is out of the way.  As root, if I
run "./setup" from inside the temp directory I de-tarred
the tar ball to, I get a graphic with an open box
on it and an install progress bar runs all the way
from left to right.  Then nothing -- it vanishes.

     If I run "./install" from the same directory,
a bunch of stuff gets copied to /usr/local/
When I go to that directory and try to run any of the
programs (spadmin, soffice, setup) I get "segmentation fault"
and my very own, not so little, core dump (I feel so blessed!).

     Does anyone have any clue what I am doing wrong?  I
am not about to put gnome on a server!

     Oh, and I had the same problem with 00 1.1.0.

Many thanks,

I Fish.  Therefore, I am.

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