openoffice font problem

matt.price at matt.price at
Fri May 21 20:51:50 CEST 2004

hey folks,

I have an xfce-specific problem with the debian package of  Under xfce, the indiviudal characters in the menus
are all unreadable -- instead of printing, for instance "file" or
"edit", all I see is stringso f boxes.  

This seems to be a font problem.  

Other people have reported this bug to the openoffice team, and they
have a workaround (setting an environment variable
"OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP=none") which apparently works under KDE and GNOME,
ubt it doesn't work for me under xfce.  

I should say that this problem does NOT occur for me under gnome, nor
does it happen with the upsteream (non-debian) releases of

what I want to know is, where can I look within xfce config files or
whatever for something that makes it hard for openoffice to find the
fonts it needs for the menus?  Anyone seen anything like this

thanks much,


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