Command won't execute in launcher

Jack Kern jack_kern at
Tue May 18 05:06:18 CEST 2004

Brett I. Holcomb wrote:

>That's it - 
>xterm -e 'command first "second with spaces"'
>It works.  
>Now, is the first format supposed to work:
>command first "second with spaces"

Yes. However, I can't comment on the program you are using regarding how 
it parses the command line.  If  it is a script or other program waiting 
for a Ctrl-C, your "first format" (command first "second with spaces") 
should work as the "Command:" in the launcher specification with "Run in 
terminal" selected -- just like it would if you run the command in an xterm.

For example, the (useless) example myproggy script below sleeps until I 
do a Ctrl-C:

jkern at boat:~$ cat $HOME/bin/myproggy

ls -l
sleep 5
. $0

If I put "myproggy" as the launcher "Command:" and check the "Run in 
terminal" box, an xterm will open when I click the launcher on the 
panel; when I do a Ctrl-C, the script quits and the xterm closes.  I 
believe this how it is supposed to work. 

The launcher apparently runs xfterm4.  Although I took a look at it, I 
am not able to assess how xfterm4 parses the command line or how it 
might affect your particular program.

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