Command won't execute in launcher

Jack Kern jack_kern at
Mon May 17 04:46:13 CEST 2004

Brett I. Holcomb wrote:

>I have a command
>xyz arg1 "arg2with spaces"
>that works perfectly from the command line.  When I set up a launcher with 
>this command and tell it to run in terminal all I get is a quick flash 
>like a terminal window opened and then closed.  I've tried various 
>combinations of quoting (single, double, use \ to mark the space) and 
>tried exec xzy arg1 "arg2with spaces" and nothing works.  
>Any ideas on how to make this work?
man xterm

       -hold   Turn  on  the  hold  resource, i.e., xterm will not 
               destroy its window when the shell command completes.   
It  will
               wait  until you use the window manager to destroy/kill 
the win-
               dow, or if you use the menu entries that send a  signal,  
               HUP or KILL.

Perhaps for the launcher command, like:

       xterm -h -e xzy arg1 "arg2with spaces"

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