feature/configuration question

Lubos Soltes soltes at intrak.sk
Tue May 11 18:27:04 CEST 2004

	Hi everyone

	I've just installed xfce4. Nice thing. I have 2 questions about

	1. Is it possible to configure xfce4 so that Alt+Tab window
	   (task switcher) will display all windows on the current
	   workspace, not just the one being switched to?

	2. Is it possible to get gkrellm2 hide like xfce panel?
	   BlackBox uses an autohiding slit, where gkrellm is located.
	   Under xfce4 I can just make it sticky. Also other Wmaker
	   dockapps. Any options like the BlackBox slit ?

	thx for help

	Lubos Soltes

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