John Shane jslists at mtwafrica.org
Sat May 8 15:06:44 CEST 2004

On Sat, 08 May 2004 14:22:54 +0200
Ylosar Goer <ylosar.goer at free.fr> wrote:

> Yes. That's 'workspace margins' i think. They may be set in the XFCE
> Settings Manager.
> > I came across another helpful idea when looking a Blackbox a while
> > back.
> >  Leave a small "slit" along the right edge of the screen (just a few
> > pixels will do) and your cursor will always be able to get to the
> > root desktop.  That way even with a "full screen" you can move the
> > cursor to the right edge and right click to get the desktop menu or
> > center click to get the list of all desktops and open applications.

LOL, you're right! So that's what workspace margins are for. ;-)  Here I
was carefully sizing windows to leave that space at the edge when xfce
will happily do it for me.  Just another reason to love this great
product. John

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