[OT] Lunar vs. Gentoo

Sami Samhuri sami at no-eff-eks.com
Thu May 6 18:47:50 CEST 2004

> It was Thu, May 06, 2004 at 08:30:58AM -0700 when Bradee-oh! said:
> I'm a gentoo user, and it goes PLENTY fast for me.  I'm sure lunar is 
> similarly fast, but when it comes down to the processes running on my 
> machine at any given time, I'm sure the list of processes on my gentoo 
> box would be very similar to the processes running on a lunar box and if 
> they were all compiled with the most aggresive optimizations I feel 
> comfortable with, how could the speed of lunar be improved over the 
> speed of gentoo?

My thoughts exactly.

> As for the ease of installation - yes, gentoo requires a little 
> technical know how compared to most average distros and therefore is 
> automatically inaccessible to some people.  I don't know in what way 
> lunar is easier, but as long as it's not HARDER, then there's no strike 
> against it in my book.  However, I am a technically-minded guy with lots 
> of computer experience so the "difficulty" in installing gentoo hasn't 
> ever bothered me.
Yeah I actually found the installation pretty fun. I got to do exactly
what I wanted rather than "click, click, click..." and then 2G of apps
I'll never use sitting on my HD. I realize Lunar doesn't do that, but I
didn't really find anything difficult about installing Gentoo; it was
just time consuming the first time. Their docs are great.

> But without even researching into lunar very much, here's why I'll stick 
> with gentoo on my primary boxen for the forseeable future - whereas I 
> started using gentoo years ago and it is widely known and accepted as a 
> very established distro with a quickly growing user base and its future 
> support is not in doubt because of its high profile and popularity and 
> the commitment of the developers involved and the portage system is very 
> mature and ebuilds are constantly updated and debugged by a large base 
> of developers...

I agree with you on this....

> I hadn't even heard of lunar-linux until a few days ago.  It seems to be 
> "one of those OTHER" distros.  And I've had plenty of bad experiences 
> with "those other distros" in the past.

But remember that once Gentoo (aka Epoch at the time) was "one of those
OTHER" distros too! If it got no support it never would have grown.

> All that may just be my own biased perceptions controlling my opinion, 
> but that's just how it is.
> All of that said, I'm still very curious about Lunar.  The next time I'm 
> experimenting with a new box, I'll definitely install it first and if it 
> "behaves", depending on what the box is for, I'll start to let it win my 
> heart over.  ;)
Yeah I'm going to have to try it out sometime too. They've got me
curious that's for sure.

For now though, I'm finished with this OT thread. I doubt anyone else is
interested on this xfce list! Anyone wishing to discuss Gentoo or Lunar
or anything else can certainly e-mail me off-list though.

> >Sorry I have not responded but I really have not time for an in depth 
> >explanation. My recommendation is to jump on irc.freenode.net in the 
> >lunar channel and ask the folks there your questions.
> >
> >As far as my allusion to speed goes lunar was built, on purpose, to go 
> >fast (and it does). It is also easier to install than Gentoo and this 
> >has been said by every Gentoo user who has converted.

Sami Samhuri
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