Darrell Cormier linuxdev at
Wed May 5 15:30:28 CEST 2004

Andy Choens wrote:

>So, this isn't a terribly important post, but it is an interesting
>question.  Has anyone tried and succeeded in getting gdesklets to work
>under xfce?  I tried and everything completely crapped out.  I don't
>really know much about gdesklets, I just downloaded the rpms via
>synaptic.  But, it looks like a neat project.
That is a good question and I would also like to know if anyone has 
gotten it to work in XFce4 and SuSE 8.2.  I have tried a couple of times 
and have had no luck.  I couldn't get it to run in Gnome either.  I must 
be doing something wrong but based on the documentation there is no 
configuration for Gnome, just install and start using.  But alas it 
won't play with me.


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