icons on desktop with xfce

Andrew Conkling andrewski at fr.st
Sun May 2 05:18:14 CEST 2004

On Sat, 2004-05-01 at 21:41 -0500, Erick wrote:
> Integrating the panel, a child panel, or taskbar with the file manager
> to allow for shortcuts to favorite files, folders, and drives with drag
> and drop placement from the file manager should be added to the next
> version of XFce4 rather than desktop icons.  

This would be nice.  Then we could link it to some folder, say,
~/.xfce/dump/ and just create symlinks in that folder that automagically
show up on the panel, in the desktop menu, etc.

> (Adding Mozilla/Firefox
> bookmarks to both the panel and the desktop menu would be a very nice
> feature as well!!!)

Hmm... troubling.  I don't use either (Opera), so perhaps that should be
a user's responsibility to extract any pertinent info from pertinent
bookmark files, i.e. the user and his scripting abilities. :D

Of course, that's why I don't have one of those yet.... ;)

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