the CLAW is ready for Alpha

Chris Brault groundhog3000 at
Sat Jan 31 09:55:31 CET 2004

After much ado and a rewrite,

The CLAW (Chris's LAme filebroWser) is ready for alpla
testing (oh joy!)

Here is the score:

1) The bottom command line is gone. Use the terminal
button to open an xterm in the current directory.

2) There are little folders on the quick browser now,
and a right click allows opening the location.

3) Since DnD in between browsers is not coming along
so good, there is a dual pane mode. Select a pane
(click on it) and the toolbar buttons will work for
that pane. Drag and drop between the panes works too.

4) I have added a trash option (..Wastebasket) to the
right click and an empty trash option on the toolbar.

5) I have added a drag and drop style bookmarks bar in
a notebook with the quick browser. Click the column
header to save them, right click them to get the
remove option.

6) There is a music preview (using mpg123, ogg123 and
playwav) if you hold the pointer over an ".ogg",
".mpg" or ".wav" file.

1) Put the mime-type file in the ~/.claw directory so
it can be edited by the user.

2) Make an XML editor for the mimetype file

3) Since my XML file lists extentions, icons and
associated applications, I need a much more complete
list of applications and file types.

4) Multifile drag and drop: That darn
"gtk.gdk.Rectangle" (argh!!!)

What is my point with this posting:
Hey, I'm ready to use that webspace now!

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