Problems with xfce4-session

Olle Eriksson pt00oer at
Sat Jan 31 04:17:21 CET 2004


I have just had Xfce4 running a few days and I really like it. However,
I do have some problems getting the session manager running as it
should. I have looked through the archives and I can't find anything

xfce4-session is working fine when I run it manually, but I can't figure
out how to have it start automatically. My ~/.xsession file looks like

/usr/bin/xfwm4 --daemon
/usr/bin/xftaskbar4 &
/usr/bin/xfdesktop &
exec /usr/bin/xfce4-panel

If I add "xfce4-session &" before the last line, the session manager
starts automatically when I get into Xfce, but then when I click the
Exit button in the panel and choose "Quit current session", only the
session manager shuts down and not the whole Xfce. How do I get around

Also, every time the session manager is started I get the message "There
is already a system tray running on this screen".

My second problem is getting the scripts in ~/Desktop/Autostart/
executed when Xfce starts. They simply don't. Do I need to add something
like "run-parts ~/Desktop/Autostart" in .xsession?

Olle Eriksson

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