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Thu Jan 29 22:59:21 CET 2004

On Thu, 2004-01-29 at 13:07, Paul Heldens wrote:
> Hello,
> Are gnome icons themes supported under xfce4.0.x? the galeon 1.3.12
> spinner(*) depends on this. My problem is that the spinner shows up in
> a gnome2 session, yet not in an xfce 4.0.x session.
> *) top-right progress indicator, from this galeon release on handled
> by the gnome2 icons theme.

You can able to use old spinners in 1.3.12, although it got more
complicated.  Galeon doesn't use the spinner bits in gconf, but the GTK2
style.  See:

You can also do the worldwide update.  Instead of working in ~/.icons as
shown above, do it in /usr/share.  See, for example:

Of course, I like the Glossy Spinner in the second link, but it is
32x32, while my Bluecurve is 36x36, so I used convert to resize it. 
Note, Galeon was using the Bluecurve spinner, so that's where I put my
new one.

But it now works quite nicely!
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