[Request] Always on top

Andrew andrewski at fr.st
Tue Jan 27 05:11:51 CET 2004

> Hi, I wonder if that would be posssible to have another items in a menu 
> called by right click on a window name bar. I'd like to have "always on 
> top" and "always on bottom" . I think they could be very handy. Also it 
> would make me happy to have an opportunity to run a program with a flag 
> "Always on top/bottom" set up (I know we'd have to use some kind of 
> wrapper to run a program with this flag). What do you think - would it 
> be usefull? would it be a hard to implement that?

Michael, regarding Fluxbox, you can use it as your wm instead of xfwm
and still be running the rest of xfce... just change the appropriate
entry in your startxfce4 and/or xinitrc as mentioned in the
documentation. :)

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